SJP® is an independent European producer and distributer of billet parts for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles and is not affiliated with Harley-Davidson Inc. or any other distributers.
The words Harley, Harley-Davidson, H-D, all H-D part numbers and model designations are used in reference only. All other brand names or trademarks used on this website are the property of their respective holders.
On all our products, offers and agreements the Dutch Law will be applicable.

Orders can be placed by telephone or fax. SJP® is open during business hours, monday to friday from 10.00 to 17.00 hours. Fax orders can be placed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On Dealer request it will be possible to keep orders appart for further order additions. No order will be kept apart for a period longer than 2 weeks after the initial order. It is never possible to cancel articles from orders that are kept apart.
Orders can be shipped with a small total product value (see pricelist) will be charged with an additional small order handling cost. Dealers will always be notified before processing such an order.

Special Orders
Whenever you are looking for a specific part, please let us know. It is very well possible that we have this item on the shelf, ready to be shipped. If this is not the case, Special Orders can always be placed, exclusively for you. For special orders we require a confirmation by fax after which the special order will be placed, From this moment on the special orders cannot be canceled.

Items that are not in stock will have to be re-ordered. Agreements to keep backorders can be made with individual Dealers.

Order Numbers
Use part numbers for fast shipment of an order. Orders placed with partnumbers will always be handeled first. Orders including parts without any reference partnumbers take much more time to pick and give a higher risk of sending an incorrect item.

Prices mentioned in this pricelist are Retail prices, excluding BTW / VAT taxes. We will always try to keep prices as stable as possible but sometimes we are forced to make adjustments. All prices mentioned in this pricelist are subject to change without prior notice.

Under all circumstances goods can only be returned after prior notification, statement of reason and written approval from SJP® Only when postage is prepaid returns will be accepted. No shipping cost credit will be issued on any return shipment. 21 days after invoice date no returns will be accepted. A copy of the invoice on which the returned item was billed plus the SJP®. Returns Form, must be included in all return shipments. When either the invoice or the form is not included the return will be put aside without further notice. Defective goods for warranty will always be replaced or repaired. No funds will be credited. On all returns there is a 15% re-stocking fee with a minimum of 15.- Euro. Funds for re-stocked items will be credited on next invoice. Incorrectly supplied or ordered goods must be returned within 21 days or 15 working days, clean and in its original packaging. These will be credited on the next invoice.

When accepting a shipment always check if the shipment includes all boxes and if these are un-damaged. When damaged or incomplete always mention this to the driver and when signing mention this on the waybill. Goods that are missing from a shipment should be reported to SJP® right after receiving the shipment. The so called – Next Day Claim -. SJP® reserves the decision right to grant such claims. No shipping cost credit will be issued on any shipment. SJP® will not be responsible for damage to goods during the shipping process or any costs involved due late or non arrival.

Parts Fitment
Please note that some parts are intended for show use and/or restoration only and may not meet current requirements for street use in your country. The parts mentioned in this website must be installed by a qualified mechanic who is able to judge correct fitment and quality of parts. Never install when in doubt.

Technical Data
We assume no liability for errors in regards to tech tips, listings, specifications, part numbers or model application. We reserve the right to change specifications, product description, product quality and application at any time without prior notice.

Discounts on large orders or quantities can be arranged with individual Dealers. Call for more information and see what we can do for you.

SJP® shall not be liable for direct, indirect or consequential damage caused by any product. No credit will be issued beyond the original cost of any product. No credit will be issued after one year of the original sales date.

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